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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Corrections to Guardian Ad Litem's Preliminary Report

Just as a fact: I spoke to my mother yesterday as well as her doctor. She is in a septic state and she probably won't make it too much longer.

I also feel that the inaccuracies and preconditioned notions that were presented to the judge may have jeopardized my ability to obtain guardianship of mom. That inital request was made by McFarland (Don Henke and Kathy Love) and not the medical center. As Henke stated over the phone that he ordered and Kathy stated that she stopped the application for the OSG due to getting guardianship being too expensive.
Page 4 of 47

  •     11) Mom sent me letter and told me over the phone that she just wanted me to "take all of the money". I was concerned about telling her over the phone what I was going to do with it since I believed that the phones were being monitored. When her money was at the credit union I could have taken it out of her account anytime I wanted but I didn't. I could have used the power of attorney to do so but I wasn't sure what was going to happen and I didn't have any real reason to take it out at the time. I told her to just write me a letter stating her wishes. I just went through the motions until I received a statement FCCU showing me that the money had been transferred to McFarland. After which I got the 2 check from mom. Kathy love apparently mustn't have known, wasn't watching or was attempting to set me up for some reason (ripping my mom off) with the two checks that were voluntarily sent to me. I considered those gifts which my mother has done from time to time. Did I mention that I am her only living family member that will have anything to do with her? She's my mom.
  •        13) I was set up by Kathryn Davis and her attorney Randall R. Prizy.  Judge ortbal recused himself from any further proceedings after I turned myself in. I also know David Ludwig and he is the type of person that would do that to someone.
  •        16) The nurse did tell me what hospital that mom was sent to. How else would I know which one to call? I had to find out from mom where she was and she told me that the hospital that the nurses’ station. My outgoing phone records have been printed out. I did it in response to the hospital telling me that no person by that name has been admitted. I went back and forth between the Sharon health care elms and the hospital before mom called my alternate number verifying that she was indeed there and had been there since Friday the 15th. I did call a leave a message with Anthony’s secretary telling him to check his mail and that mom was missing before I found out where she was.
Page 7 of 47
  •     2) I notified the states attorneys office after I told them that I would be taking a witness.  So the states attorney knew about it for 80 days before the warrant for the 2nd O.P. violation was filed by him. He was made very aware of the recording afterwards as well. The journal and evidence shows that Froman lied to the police about the recording device and the e-mail evidence shows that the recording was sent to he and froman. (See:
  •          I was convicted of battery and got conditional discharge for beating up my step dad for hitting my mom and breaking her nose. They both had me arrested.
  •     5) I am self-employed. Not unemployed.
Page 8 0f 47
  •     6.) It was my right by law to do what mom asked me to do. Even if she was incapacitated completely it was illegal for Kathy to not honor it and use the deception of not knowing if there was another power of attorney. McFarland stalled long enough to get my mom moved(see letter to jordan litvak with restricted mail return receipt) and have the temporary guardian placed right under my nose on June 3rd. I wasn't notified about it until Betsy Bier mailed me the fax she received about the hearing that placed mom with a temp guardian.
Page 9 of 47
  •     C) She gave me funds when she wanted to. I would use them to get things for her and put fuel in my car since she lost her license.
  •     D) I still believe that McFarland kept her there long enough to make sure they have the money to expense moms commitment. Her keepers had full control of her medications and a court order to force her take it. I was sent a list of medications by Kathy Love.  
  •     E) I wanted to get her a lawyer so I could get her out and get her hospice care with blessing hospital. Which I felt was none of their business. It's a personal family matter and since the state is involved, this  copywritten journal was made public. It's in the interest of the public since McFarland allowed someone to be raped in their facility in 1994. With a settlement made 14 years later to a dead girls spouse ($35,000).
  •         Getting to the hospital by using her funds were in 1.) in furtherance of her psychological well being and 2.) so that I could effectively keep the car up so that she would have transportation when she was released from the hospital. She has no drivers license and her car was confiscated by the police. Pretty simple and legitimate.
Note: Page nine is somewhat rhythmic and redundant in repetition to previous statements in the document that I'm responding to.
  • Neighborhood Network, Inc. in libertyville? and my NeighborhoodNET are two totally different entities. I am a small business.
  • I was not ordered to go under any psychiatric counseling. I was ordered to get an evaluation see:
  • I went voluntarily to see someone and his feedback was that there "was a lot of truth to what I was saying".
  • See also: Probation Papers which my Probation Officer says it's OK to see mom outside of Adams County.
If anything was ommitted from their background check of me (kathy and don were the first to do one), it was intentional just to play me out and to call me on something if they needed a lever to pull. That's why they say to never volunteer information.

So I might just ask why they called my probation officer about the e-mail that I responded to Erin about my mom's burial arrangements. It's posted in this journal. 

Games as usual...

Dr. Frank FromanDisciplined and put on Probation for one year for unprofessional conduct.

I'm still waiting to be paid for commercial infringement of the the copyright to my journal. I'm not really sure exactly how much I'll want for it now. 

Did a lawyer profit from reprinting my Journal? I wonder what the legal fees are up to at this point.

Drughot Notification Sent on 7 21 2011

My Ride.

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